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Image is the first educational platform in the world that teaches entrepreneurship to kids 10-14 year olds. Start a partnership with us using our innovative platform at your educational institution. It   is perfectly combined with STEM and Educational Robotics. Click here and fill out the application form: Through this innovative educational platform you will be able to teach entrepreneurship to kids for the first time. Our educational platform is based on fundamental learning processes: 1. Self-knowledge 2. Critical thinking 3. Possibility of choice 4. Take initiatives 5. Decision-making 6. Time management 7. Manage options 8. Cooperation Why is it necessary to introduce entrepreneurship to education? Some of the reasons: - We are preventing unemployment and social exclusion. - Talents are detected and these talents are then activated. - Self-actualization of children is encouraged. We e

Welcome to the first online educational platform that teaches entrepreneurship to kids aged 10-14

Welcome to the first online educational platform that teaches entrepreneurship to kids aged 10-14. Kid Startupper, is an online educational platform that aims to develop children's creativity, imagination and craftsmanship on entrepreneurship. Our platform aims to teach kids both entrepreneurship and e-business. Our educational platform operates after the students enrolment in the respective course attendance classes that are completed in almost 9 months. Our innovative educational platform has been inspired by conclusions at global conferences on new technologies in education (WEBIT, WEB SUMMIT, TED Talks, ENTREDU) and has also been presented in the 5th International Conference for the Promotion of Educational Innovation (EEPEK 2019).

What is the goal of Kid Startupper?

The goal of our platform is to help kids unleash their talent and show off their entrepreneurial skills from a very young age. Moreover, to discover inclinations that they may have on a particular professional field and love things that may have been unknown to them until now.

What the students have learned, when they will have complete our entrepreneurship course?

Through this innovative educational entrepreneurship platform and our curriculum, kids will be able: - To choose their "favorite profession" and deal with it for the first time. - To learn that entrepreneurship nowadays requires the use of new technologies and realize on their own how important this is. - To create their first "complete professional CV". - To learn to work on their favorite profession, by creating their first digital office and their own business. - To look for partnerships for the business they wishes to create. - To recruit employees for their office or business. - To look for knowledge and ideas before realizing what they really want to do. - To share the knowledge they have gained and share it with their classmates (give back).

What our curriculum offers?

28 chapters on entrepreneurship, using our innovative educational platform. Students attend our course for 1 hour per week (55 minutes of lesson + 5 minutes for questions). Students can interact with our platform, for 7 days a week and 13 hours a day. Most of the times schools starting courses early October and finishes at the end of June. At the end of each school season and during summer, camps are organized and also taking place our entrepreneurship competition, named “Startup Hackathon for Kids”.

Where do Kid Startupper classes take place?

The courses are held in schools and in educational institutions worldwide, with which we cooperate.

Can I sign up for Kid Startupper on my own?

The answer is no. Trying to sign up for Kid Startupper is essentially like submitting an application. The platform will never open for you. For this to happen you need to be a student enrolled and follow our curriculum in the schools or the educational institutions we are partnered with.

How can I start a partnership with Kid Startupper?

How can I start a partnership with Kid Startupper, using the platform for running entrepreneurship course on my school ? Contact us here: and talk directly with our managers. As soon as our collaboration begins, we train your teachers via videoconferencing. We offer them a code so they can go to the teacher's page and download the lesson plan for each lesson. You can also: Contact our managers here   and ask to start your collaboration with Kid Startupper. Once our collaboration begins, we train your teachers through teleconferencing. We offer them a code so that they can enter the teacher's page and download the lesson plan for each lesson.

First Principles

Elon Musk on the Power of Thinking for Yourself First principles thinking, which is sometimes called reasoning from first principles, is one of the most effective strategies you can employ for breaking down complicated problems and generating original solutions. It also might be the single best approach to learn how to think for yourself. The first principles approach has been used by many great thinkers including inventor Johannes Gutenberg, military strategist John Boyd, and the ancient philosopher Aristotle, but no one embodies the philosophy of first principles thinking more effectively than entrepreneur Elon Musk. In 2002, Musk began his quest to send the first rocket to Mars—an idea that would eventually become the aerospace company SpaceX. He ran into a major challenge right off the bat. After visiting a number of aerospace manufacturers around the world, Musk discovered the cost of purchasing a rocket was astronomical—up to $65 million. Given the high price, he beg

How Safe is Kid Startupper?

Kids safety is our main concern. We would never have created this platform if we weren't sure we could offer a great protection. At KID STARTUPPER we have invested a lot in this. Click here to  learn more .